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IRG-International Research – Market & Social Research | Data Analysis experts

IRG-International Research Service:

– Quantitative Research Methods and Techniques

– Descriptive statistics

– Inferential statistics

– Multivariate regression models

– Statistical Data Analysis Software

– Data Survey Analysis

–  Latam Survey Panel

Do you have a data file to be analyzed? Send it to us and we will do the best processing and analysis of statistical data. We work as freelancers to provide the best customer service wherever you are. With technical sociologists and statisticians we develop quantitative social research projects and market research with data files from any country.

In addition, we work with different partners of CAWI-Online field work of Social Research and Markets developing simple and useful research reports for our clients. Our capabilities cover a variety of fields such as Social Research, Education, Markets & New technologies among others.

Write us if you have research needs with quantitative techniques in the field of Social Sciences. We work in different social and market aspects, and we have outstanding professionals and technicians in this area.


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