What is IRG – International Research?

Market Research & Data Analysis

IRG-International Research is a Market Research Co. located in Madrid who works with south American partners in Latam research projects and data processing. IRG-International Research has extensive experience researching in Latam countries. Business, new technologies, education, advertising and public opinion among others are some of the fields of study of our projects.

IRG-International Research also works for Spanish and European clients, processing and analyzing statistical data from heterogeneous sources. High-schools, universities, marketing departments and companies are some of our main customers.
Our collaborators are mainly sociologists and statisticians experts in quantitative research, although we have resources in qualitative research as well.

Working freelance we can obtain a better adaptation to our demand of projects. We have presence in different locations in Spain and Peru. Thanks to CAWI research we can cover studies involving different countries in Europe, Latin America and North America. We work with the best research panelists companies in this kind of projects, and we can advise our clients regarding the best field work companies in each location.

Our portfolio of services includes:

– Process & analysis of statistical data
– Latam, North America & European Market Survey
– Graphical statistical reports
– Market & Social Research



Contact us: irg@irginternationalresearch.com